PRIVACY POLICY FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS This privacy policy governs your use of the software application  for mobile devices that was created by KTS SOLUTION App. What information does the Application obtain and how is it used? User Provided InformationHide Video The Application obtains the information you provide when you download and register the Application. Registration with…

How to cut video quickly & free

Step 1. Add a video

Start Freemake Video Cutter. Click the "Gallery" button and browse for the video you'd like to cut

Step 2. Cut your video

– Drop the left seekbar to set the begin cutting position. Drop the right seekbar to set the end cutting position; (The start cutting position must smaller than the end cutting position.), and you can cut other part of video, then click “OK” in float button

Step 3. Save changes

To save the changes, you have to cut your video. video is a format the same as the original

App lock – Lock file and hide file

App lock If you are concerned about the security of your data, Lock-Hide file locks Photo, Videos, Music, Gallery, Settings and any app you choose. It hides pictures and videos as well, which is perfect for when lending your phone for others. Most downloaded app lock (Lock-Hide File) in Play Store: Features: – App lock file and hide…


  1. Do not delete, move or modify the “.LHF_DoNotDelete” folder in any way
  2. Do not use apps or functions that claim to “clean storage” (or similar) to “clean” the “.LHF_DoNotDelete”  folders.
  3. We respect user privacy and data security, therefore there is no cloud storage/cloud backup/online backup. All data is stored locally on your device only.
  4. Manually copy the “.LHF_DoNotDelete” folder to somewhere safe to backup.

You are responsible for backing up of your data. By using the app you agree to not hold us responsible for the loss of your data due to user negligence or mishandling for any reason. We do not have any of your data and thus cannot provide data recovery service in cases of data loss.

How do I hide my any files( Video, photo, document, audio, etc...)?

Hiding from within “Lock-Hide File App: Launch the app and select a folder. Tap on the + icon and a gallery will appear showing your unprotected photos or videos. Select those you wish to hide, then tap on ‘button hide lock ” to hide them. They will be hidden into the app shortly.

How do I unhide my files?

To unhide selected files, simply access the specific album and then tap and hold on the file. You can then select as many as you like and then tap on the unlock icon. These will unhide to the location of your choice. Alternatively, you can unhide an entire album by tapping on the more options button for each album.

Once the any files are unhidden, they may not show up in the gallery app immediately. This depends on the gallery app used. Simply restart your device and they will appear in the gallery.