Screenshot Capture

Description  :

Screenshot Capture is the simplest and easiest way to grab screen

screenshot capture application is an easy method to take screenshot, when screen grab finish, you easily edit and share your device’s screen.

In case, you need to remember the phone number of your friend or a Facebook Message or want to show off some screenshot picture of your gaming achievements. What should you do?

Normally, you always take the power button to capture screen. However, if you use it so often, your power button will be broken. Therefore, you want to take a screenshot without the power button, screenshot capture application is the most excellent choice for you

How to take a screenshot:

    • Overlay button: An easy way to capture button that is displayed on top of everything.


  • Shake: Screenshot capture for android by shaking device
  • Notification : Click the notification to take a screenshot.
  • Buttons Combo :


Press POWER + VOLUME DOWN at the same time to take a screenshot.

Press POWER + HOME at the same time to take a screenshot.

Features of screenshot grab app:

– Support both phones and tablets, screen capture is free

– Edit and Crop important things out of your screenshot.

– Share Screenshots

– Screenshot display, you can decide to save or delete screenshots in notification

– Support most of the model phones

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